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Competitive by nature, I have a penchant for professional problem solving and for helping business owners and entrepreneurs improve strategies, processes, tactics, teams and relationships. I’m not one to settle, and believe it’s always possible to enhance results. I ensure a targeted, goals-focused growth approach so a company can take consistent steps to expand and develop.

Stereotypically, an executive with an accounting background keeps her head down to focus on the numbers. However, there’s no tunnel vision here; as a big-picture executive, my head is always up, looking for problems to solve and clients to advise.

I love accounting and using numbers to ascertain how everything intertwines, but I’m best known for looking beyond the math to create exceptional customer relationships. (Once, that translated to bringing a client his favorite ice cream!)

I use the ability to hone in on exactly what an organization needs to alter the company’s trajectory. I’m always looking for ways to continue to grow, diversify and engage new markets and to increase opportunities by investing in the right assets to create a global company.

My goal?

To ensure entrepreneurs accomplish bold business plans.