Nashville Mayor Shares Priorities

Tracy Guarino with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Kevin Roddey, Vice President of Pinnacle Bank.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, me and Kevin Roddey, Vice President of Pinnacle Bank.

Last week, I attended Pinnacle Financial Partners’ forum, featuring distinguished guest, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

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Advocating for Technology Company Priorities

Three of the Nashville Technology Council’s delegation (left to right):  Bryan Huddleston, CEO of the NTC, me and Amy Henderson CEO, Firefly Logic.

Three of the Nashville Technology Council’s delegation (left to right): Bryan Huddleston, CEO of the NTC, me and Amy Henderson CEO, Firefly Logic.

Over the past two days, I joined TechAmerica to advocate for IT sector priorities on Capitol Hill during the organization’s annual fly-in to Washington, D.C. TechAmerica, the public sector and public advocacy department of CompTIA, works to provide a voice to tech companies on Capitol Hill. [Read more…]

Supporting The YWCA of Nashville

Tracy Guarino

I won an auction item from the Nashville Predators and met Predators center, Craig Smith

Pat Shea, CEO of the YWCA of Nashville, invited me to attend their third annual Wine Women & Shoes® event benefiting the Weaver Domestic Violence Center and Girls, Inc. These are both programs of the YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee. [Read more…]

ForceX Gives Back at the Holidays

Tracy GuarinoAt this busy time of year, when many of us are rushing around getting ready for the holidays and shopping for friends and loved ones, it’s a good time to pause and think about those who may be struggling. [Read more…]

Recap of Conversation with U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez

Tracy GuarinoAs CEO of ForceX, a critical issue that captures my attention – and that of everyone who leads businesses – is recruiting and hiring a skilled, highly qualified workforce. Especially in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, it can be a challenge to attract top talent. It is helpful when business and government can work together to address and overcome this concern. [Read more…]

ForceX, Inc. Wins NEXT Award as a Market Mover in Technology

Tracy GuarinoNovember 21 — The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center announced this year’s NEXT Awards winners recognizing excellence in business and entrepreneurship in Middle Tennessee.  We at ForceX, Inc. were honored as a market mover in the Technology category.

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Expiration Dates for Education?

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 4.39.44 PMExpiration dates. In many cases they’re obviously necessary: dairy products, baked goods… In some cases they’re curious, for example: mattresses…spices… Frequent flier miles have annoying expiration dates. One of the hard truths of business is that business education, too, has an expiration date. [Read more…]

Moving ForceX to Nashville

Tracy GuarinoHardly a day goes by without Nashville popping up in a major publication as a ‘hot’ destination. You hear about our ‘hot’ chicken, our ‘hot’ music scene, the ‘hot’ apartment and housing markets working to accommodate the influx of new residents…I used to hear that ‘Nashville is the new LA.’ I even saw the slogan on a t-shirt at the Nashville airport once. Now I think the tables are turned. Dare I suggest LA might be the old Nashville? [Read more…]

At ForceX, Every Day is Memorial Day

Tracy GuarinoBecause of our work, at ForceX, we are constantly reminded that our freedoms are precious, and the people who are committed to protecting those freedoms are even more precious. ForceX, Inc. is committed to making a difference in our world by ensuring the basic freedoms we all enjoy are never threatened. It is our mission and the root of what we do as a company. This is the reason we choose this as our lives’ work. [Read more…]

Learn to code and make a difference in the world

Tracy GuarinoWe all depend on computers: to communicate, to bank and to do most anything. But, how many of us know how to code? Statistics show there aren’t enough people trained to know how to code; 1 million of the best jobs may go unfilled because only 1 in 10 schools teach students to code. Jobs outnumber trained workers. If you want to make a lot of money, change the world – or both – you should consider learning how to code. [Read more…]