Matter International Provides Crucial Health Resources

Gene Talking about historyMatter is an organization that helps expand access to healthcare worldwide for those who do not have access to quality medical facilities. Recently, Matter built a medical facility in Dandora, outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The area is best known as home to the largest dump in the world. According to Matter’s website, many of the 300,000 people who live in the area make a living going through the trash to find items to resell. “The population is well below the poverty line, and in particular, the situation for mothers and children is dire. According to the World Bank, Kenya’s maternal mortality rate is 488 deaths for every 100,000 live births. With only one clinic, capable of treating minor outpatient issues only, the maternal mortality rate in Dandora is estimated to be much higher.”

Quenton Marty, president of Matter, told those of us attending the charitable event a story about the medical facility’s first patient. It is a heartbreaking story with a heartwarming ending. Children found a tiny baby abandoned in a paper bag at the dump. The organization’s Facebook site details his recovery, “A local woman brought him to Visitation Maternity, where doctors, now equipped with proper medical supplies, were able to nourish him back to health. Moses is now thriving!”

Gene Simmons, co-founder of KISS (pictured here), is an ambassador for Matter and has helped raise over $2 million to further their work. He joined us at the event to talk about the importance of charity work and the benefits of giving generously.

Learning about the challenges that many citizens of our world face, including limited or no access to healthcare or social programs, it’s very clear to see our responsibility to give back.

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