Memorial Day Reminders

flagsMemorial Day is well known for barbeques and pool parties. As we usher in the summer season, let’s not forget Memorial Day is a time for us to pause to remember the men and women who died in service to our country.

Having led a company whose mission was to protect life and liberty, Memorial Day holds special significance for me. Our team included approximately 40% military veterans, and additional members were military spouses and family members of service people. This group helped ensure we focused on the meaning and significance of this important day – every day of the year.

Last year at this season, I wrote about how it was an especially emotional time for me. As we packed up mementos to move our corporation to Nashville, I reflected on our history, accomplishments and dedicated and talented team members who contributed to the company’s tremendous growth and success.

Several months after the move, I finalized the company’s acquisition to a defense powerhouse, which helped strengthen ForceX’s ability to provide lifesaving software to those who put themselves in harm’s way for the good of our country. Everyone involved had an important role in the end products. Recalling how each team member’s contributions were key to our success reminds me how important it is to spend time nurturing and fostering people’s skills.

With this in mind, as I move ahead with new ventures, I recognize and value how important it is to take on roles where I can mentor others and give back to our community. My interest in STEM education, broadband access for everyone and willingness to spend time advocating and lobbying on behalf of our business community hasn’t wavered.

Enjoy your picnics and parties, but use this holiday to remember the heroes who died protecting our freedoms, and make a point to determine how you can use those freedoms to serve other people in some way.

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