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Tracy GuarinoHardly a day goes by without Nashville popping up in a major publication as a ‘hot’ destination. You hear about our ‘hot’ chicken, our ‘hot’ music scene, the ‘hot’ apartment and housing markets working to accommodate the influx of new residents…I used to hear that ‘Nashville is the new LA.’ I even saw the slogan on a t-shirt at the Nashville airport once. Now I think the tables are turned. Dare I suggest LA might be the old Nashville?

What quickly seems to be setting Nashville apart is its willingness to embrace change, growth and innovation. It is a city that is constantly reinventing itself. Where once Nashville was only associated with the old guard industries of country music and health care, it has since branched out and become so much more.

Technology is one of the largest drivers of change in town. That’s hardly a secret to members of the Nashville Technology Council. Our company, ForceX, Inc., was founded ten years ago in Clarksville, Tennessee, to provide military software solutions. Headquartering the company in Clarksville had no strategic importance other than it was where the founder resided when the company was founded. Now that we are looking to expand to meet customer demand, we have to ask ourselves whether we have the resources to take us to the next level. Are we fishing where there are fish?

For ForceX, we found that in order to meet our growth goals, we needed to find the fish. And the fish were 40 miles down Interstate 24 in Nashville. A relatively short distance away from where we started, but with the necessary long-term growth potential, we’re thrilled we will be able to call Nashville home in just a few months. As a CEO, it’s my job to position our company in an area rich with the technical resources required for growth. Nashville provides this for us, through a talent pool of software engineers and developers and through a committed community willing to expand in scope and resources. As long as Nashville continues to foster a ‘hot’ growth mentality, both employers and employees will benefit.

This post originally appeared on the Nashville Technology Council blog.

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