Nashville Mayoral Candidate Megan Barry

Both with Megan Barry at mike

Connie Britton and EmmyLou Harris look on as Nashville mayoral candidate, Megan Barry, addresses the crowd.

On March 29th, I attended Nashville Mayoral candidate Megan Barry’s event, where we had an opportunity to hear from her as she addressed a few, brief points. For example, she explained she’s heard a lot of people saying the candidates for mayor all sound alike. The common theme is that education is a first priority and transportation is a close second. She explained how important it is to prevent future transportation and transit issues. With a booming population, Nashville will need to improve its infrastructure to support its growth.

Barry differentiates as unique in the field of candidates because of her tenure as an at-large member of the Metro Council of Nashville and Davidson County, where she engages in drafting and passing legislation.

The event, headlined by Connie Britton and EmmyLou Harris, did not allow Q&A time for attendees to find out the details of how Barry will handle education and transportation. I’m looking forward to learning more from the various candidates before making my choice.

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