ForceX, Inc. Headquarters Dedication

Tracy GuarinoLast week, ForceX officially celebrated dedication of our new Nashville headquarters and, at another event, welcomed family members of our team members to enjoy a special afternoon visiting us at The Sheds on Charlotte.

As CEO and President, I shared these thoughts at the formal Headquarters Dedication. I described our journey to this point, explained what we do at ForceX and why it’s so important and outlined the company’s goals for the future as we aim to become an integral member of the Nashville business community. The following are from my remarks:

Our road here has been a journey that started three years ago with a national search for a new headquarters. We considered Nashville, Huntsville, Tampa or D.C. The goal was to attract the best tech talent we needed to continue to expand, so that we could get our technology into the hands of more warfighters who are out there everyday, defending our freedom and security.

We opened a satellite office in 2012 in Brentwood to test the market and work out any scalability challenges we might encounter, while our headquarters and management team were still close by, in Clarksville.

To our delight, we were able to recruit top engineering and leadership talent rapidly.

We are thrilled that our final choice is where we are today – in Nashville, thanks to all the great work you have done to make our city one the top technology cities in the country.

Once we decided on Nashville, we focused on finding an amazing space our team would be proud of. We needed a place to house a growing workforce, to accommodate our top-secret security needs and to allow for ease of access for our customers and our talent. We found that location here at The Sheds at Charlotte.

In 2014, we started with a blank canvas. And, we created a headquarters – a new home for ForceX.

 Many ask “What does ForceX do?” 

The response you will always hear is, “We protect life and liberty.”

The next question asked is, “How do you protect life and liberty?”

We do this by developing ISR technology. ISR stands for “Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance.”

It’s easiest to explain what we do by giving you an example of our work:

When you read in the paper about a special operations team going in on a sensitive mission to capture a terrorist, we are the eyes and ears. Our software helps our soldiers get in – get the mission accomplished – and get out safely. ForceX technology helps with these kinds of missions to protect life and liberty.

Our technology fuses together the data from sensors on ISR aircrafts, intel radios and data radios. We also work with people – from those who are operating the equipment, soldiers on the ground and in the air – to those making command decisions.

We provide real-time video and intelligence data to create an instant common operating picture. This common operating picture allows for visibility and communication between warfighters on the ground, in the air and with the decision makers on foreign soil and back at home.

ForceX helps our military leaders make the best decisions – and most importantly – keeps our soldiers safe.

What we do is very important but why we do it is even more important. 

Recently, I attended the Nashville Salutes Gala. A soldier came up to me and said, “Thank you ma’am for doing what you do to keep us safe.”

This is the reason why our ForceX team is dedicated to doing the amazing work they do every day.

Our founder, Joseph Calabrace, along with approximately 50% of our workforce, are veterans or currently serve in the armed forces. We have an immense debt of gratitude for their service, which allows each of us to enjoy the freedoms that we have and is the reason this company was founded. Our mission, to protect life and liberty, is very personal to our team.

Leading ForceX into the future, I am focusing on two major goals.

First, we historically spent most of our time working with special operation units. My first goal is to expand our technology globally. We want to help our trusted allies to maintain peace and protect their people.

This year, we completed the development of a product called Widow to enter these global market. We have exciting new contracts we look forward to announcing in the near future.

My second goal is to expand our user base to assist with disaster relief and security. We want to use our expertise to protect and save lives during earthquakes, forest fires and floods, as well as  assist with border portal, bombings and security threats.

As a member of the Nashville business community, I am also very passionate about economic development and assisting our city in its continued growth trajectory to be a technology center.

I want to bring in business that will put Tennessee on the map as a destination for Defense Contractors. I will partner with Governor Haslam, Commissioner Randy Boyd, the Chamber of Commerce, the tech community and all of you – to diversify the state’s portfolio to include more aerospace and defense business.

One way to help make that happen is to focus on local education in the STEM fields. This topic is one of my top priorities as a technology leader in the community. ForceX has the opportunity to share our important technology with students and educators. We are able to demonstrate another way to participate in protecting our great nation in addition to wearing a uniform.

And let’s not forget. . . . we actually offer a career in real-life video gaming! This career path is an eye opener for young people as they explore career opportunities in the STEM fields. ForceX is looking forward to partnering with the Nashville Tech Council and local schools to help train and educate of our young people by hosting field trips, internships and by providing other support.

We look forward to long and ongoing partnerships in this great city.

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